Amtrak Passenger Service Is The Disgrace Of The U.S.A

They can’t even spell track correctly. What is a trak? Some idiot ad agency fool thought that would make it modern and cool. NOT. The service is terrible, the prices are outrageous, the travel times are insane, and that is just a start. What’s the deal with having routes that transfer you to a bus. If I want to ride a bus, I would buy a ticket for one.

The website is impossible to use and book a trip. Whoever designed it was surely in the 5th grade. I grade it – 10 stars.

Japan, Norway, and France have wonderful train systems. Why can’t the U.S.A. The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act of 2015 (FAST Act) has fixed nothing. Billions, yes billions have been spent to support this disaster, and it is as bad, if not worse than ever.

You would almost be better off walking. Or at least driving.


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