Amtrak Sucks and About 304,000 people Plus Think So

amtrak sucksA crash a day from Amtrak and climbing. Amtrak seems unable to get it right. Who is running this railroad anyway, R. J. Reynolds or BOA? Since 2013 the US has had over 45,000 railway incidents. Japan’s bullet train has had 0 since the 60’s. There system is run like a well oiled machine with constant maintenance, training, management, and very strict adherence to rules by railway personnel and the public. It is not enough that Amtrak’s service is below the Greyhound Bus system, it is absolutely terrible. Amtrak is incapable, and unwilling to get better, as is the public, and the US government to see that it does. In the mean time 3000 people have lost their lives in rail system incidents in the past 5 years. They should all be ashamed, if only they cared. Check out their personnel with their hands in their pockets, checking email and doing nothing, while the tired old worn out engine takes a nap. This is the system.


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