Beware of USB TV Tuners

Sounds great. A cheap, like under $15 USB tuner for your PC that will pickup and record on air TV shows. Not. Many on walmart dot com and other sites, don’t pickup USA tv signals, and more times than not don’t work and do little or nothing. It is a scam filled with obtuse, misleading, deceptive, unclear descriptions. You might think, oh hell, it is just $11 and with free shipping, not much risk. Forget it. You will wait 2 weeks or more for the cheap chinese junk and yes eat it, because you will never get a a response from the crooked affiliates and or resellers, and if you get it, you will end up throwing it in the garbage. Better idea. Buy yourself a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal $6.69 add a drink and a shake. Then go away feeling satisfied. A much better way to eat junk.


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