DIY Easy Safe Trailer Light Hookup

Hack The System

Need to pull a trailer fast with a sub compact, compact, SUV, or car. Most states in the U.S only require 1 running light visible from 500 feet behind the trailer, and a few require that a turn signal light be visible. On utility trailers, popups, and other low profile trailers like tear drops, or narrow trailers, the signal light is visible from the car. Problem being that with today’s cars with computers that are sensitive and fragile, you may short out all kinds of things and make the computer over react if you touch the wrong wire and or blow fuses. Fortunately most modern cars have a power outlet behind the seat for passengers. So, just buy a cigarette plug (male) and hook the power wire (fused is best, but not required) to the brown wire on your trailer, and the ground to your trailer ground wire or the trailer, and you have lights. You will probably have to turn on the ignition, have the cigarette plug in the socket, and your lights will be on all the time when you are driving. But, that is a good thing. If you don’t want your lights on just unplug the socket. Some complete wiring kits can run up to $250, but your total cost should be around $3.00. You hacked the system.


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