Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight appears to have lower prices for less than average items, but only has a fraction of the items they sell in stock in their stores. If you need throw away tools this may be the place to go. Their circulars are not supported by their stores and are only used to bait you into their stores for selling anything. Their store employees are clueless, but they are taught to act like they are tool gurus. The extent of their help is usually, ” it is at the back of the store.” E-commerce shipping does not disclose what the true carrier will be and it usually kicks in to USPS, Fedex Post, or UPS to post office. The last link in the chain being your local postman may be cheap albeit inept. Unlike many modern retail web sites they do not show true or estimated inventory in their stores. So, you drive miles to get an item and they do not have it. Their coupons have so many exclusions they are on the line with fraud. With 800 plus stores you would think they could get it together, but they don’t and won’t. PS; the play the web online label printed scam. That is, the shipping label is generated so you won’t cancel and hold it for 3-7 days before or if they ship.


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