End Of Life For Windows 7

No not really. The only thing that ended was their continuous useless updates that usually damage you PC and the information it holds. I turned my updates off 2 years ago with no problems. But, it did make me think, what is the next trick microhard is going to throw at us? Don’t even think about upgrading to windows 10. Would you want something they couldn’t even give away? To have a backup solution would be prudent. I have been doing the Linux distribution “distro” dance for 10 years and it never really made me switch. Then last week I discovered MX Linux. Wow. Other than having to fiddle around with a few unfamiliar Linux commands and procedures it has turned out to be the best windows replacement yet; and I have tried about 20 of the so called leading distributions “distros if you want to speak geek.” Looks nearly the same, works nearly the same and is as fast as greased lightening on an I5 and an old hard drive. Plays 4k like it was born to on 6 MBPS DSL. Highly recommend it, and the price is great.


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