Lowes Is Fast On The Take With Your Money

Use your Credit or Debit Card at Lowes and they take your money in seconds, but if you request a refund to your credit or debit card it takes days. Mighty strange and in fact deceptive. So if they ask you if you want cash or back to your card, take the cash. They will tie up your account and drag around conveniently when it comes to a credit to your card.

Lowes retains your credit card information. Not good. It is not like they can’t be hacked. They can; they just don’t seem to care. Millions of credit card numbers and customer information has been stolen at numerous chains and even equifax. The retail industry advocates keeping a bare minimum of customer financial information. Just enough to still serve your customers without providing potential thieves what they need. What is the point of chips on cards if a reckless merchant retains your information for the next hacker or employee to steal and sell on the open market. They say “Currently, some merchants are required to keep credit card numbers for up to 18 months to satisfy card retrieval and dispute requests.” Required by who? This is not law, this is only a gimmick by the retailer and or their credit card processor. It puts you at risk and they are able to charge your card if they want to whether you authorize it or not. Kind of like when they ask for your private phone number for return purposes; a lie. Merchants like Lowes, seem to think once they get your card they have got you by the short hairs and can do anything they want with it, whether you agree to it or not. Beware of benevolent merchants. Big is not good nor honest, just big. Go into any Lowes and ask for help or just checkout. Would you trust them with your credit card?


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