Retail Is Doomed

Doomed to failure. If you have noticed lately, retails stores are way down on inventory, and most are trying to become the next amazon. Amazon and especially walmart have failed to realize the weak link in the chain. The 2 weakest links are the last steps:

Store clerks could care less about your online order.

Fedex, UPS and the USPS have gone to hell, due to over load, under pay, and basically have taken giant delivery organizations and trashed them.

The USPS carrier is so over loaded they are rushing to find other jobs, taking early retirements, and or trashing your delivery.

UPS never was that great, and you are lucky if even Mr. Porch gets your delivery.

Fedex, ground is run by contractors that really don’t give a damn if you get it or not. They are not supervised and are insulated from fedex management and supervision. The only thing resembling fedex is the sign on their truck.

Do the math. Every retailer ala walmart is giving free shipping and free is worth just about what you pay for it.

So, if stores don’t have merchandise, and you are lucky if you ever get your shipment, what is left? 0


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