They are at it again

lying hypocrite

“MPAA has no authority anywhere, they simply represent a cartel, that is threatening the creativity and independent invention and free distribution of useful technology that enhances the lives and well being of the masses, through the use of intimidation and fear tactics. The only authority in the U.S.A. is the court systems NOT the MPAA. This would be like the fuel companies suing a turbo unit manufacture, claiming a turbo unit is illegal because it provides additional mileage to the user that the fuel company isn’t profiting from…. If someone take the scrapper and uses in conjunction with another tool in order to perform another function, the creator then the first tool has done nothing wrong…This has already been debated in US copyright courts…For instance, I go out and buy a Disney embroidered patch, heat transfer and a blank t shirt at the Walmart, all items made by different manufacturers, I put them all together to create another product (an embroidered heat transferred t shirt) which I sell at a craft fair or online for a profit over the cost of the items.”
B Stevens

The MPAA should clean up the sexual abuse, exploitation and porn in the motion picture industry, before pestering add-on developers.


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