Walmart.Com Is Risky Business

Walmart.Com retains your credit card information. Not good. It is not like they can’t be hacked. They can; they just don’t seem to care. Millions of credit card numbers and customer information has been stolen at numerous chains and even equifax. The retail industry advocates keeping a bare minimum of customer financial information. Just enough to still serve your customers without providing potential thieves what they need. What is the point of chips on cards if a reckless merchant retains your information for the next hacker to steal and sell on the open market. “Currently, some merchants are required to keep credit card numbers for up to 18 months to satisfy card retrieval and dispute requests.” Required by who? This is not law, this is only a gimmick by the retailer and or their credit card processor. It puts you at risk and they are able to charge your card if they want to whether you authorize it or not. Merchants like Walmart seem to think once they get your card they have got you by the short hairs and can do anything they want with it, whether you agree to it or not. Beware of benevolent merchants. As a matter of fact sent me 325 notices to pickup an order at their store 3 days after it was canceled. Does this look like a retailer you can trust with your credit card number? Big is not good nor honest, just big. Go into any store and ask for help or just checkout. Would you trust them with your credit card? Have you noticed that screwgle systematically filters out negative stories and images about wally world. That is power in action. “Walmart, Google Partner to Make Shopping Even Easier.” It is part of the deal. Walmart and Google are plotting to change your shopping habits. Wally world recently spent 57.9 million on google adwords. Do you really think they are also going to list negatives about a top advertiser? To quote the wally world ceo “I am to busy taking care of the customer to worry about lawsuits.” In essence he doesn’t care who sues them and for how much. They will bog anybody down in the legal system for years and pay the fines with our dollars. Illegal acts aided by the flawed legal system. Amen


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