Your PC Can Make You Say Wow Again

Just in case you don’t have an SSD (Solid State Drive) or you are on the edge of switching, let me say, do it now. Prices are down and yes they are worth it, and it will indeed make you say Wow. After sitting on the fence for 6 months I dove in and spent the $98 on a drive I didn’t really need. After all, my HP I5 drive was working pretty well. The computer guy at the store said it would take about 2 hours to clone my drive, so I installed the Crucial SSD and started the Acronis cloning process. It took 12 minutes to clone a 250 GB drive. I thought I had messed up something in the process. But no, it rebooted in 20 seconds and instantly brought up the sign in screen on Win 7. Now I am up to 2 Wows. The desktop loaded in about 2 seconds and everything worked with no blips at all. Slow loading apps loaded in 2 – 5 seconds and I am up to about 5 Wows. Don’t wait, do it and fly.


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